14 marzo, 2012

About the negative view of pregnancy in society

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I would like to approach the abortion issue from a somewhat different perspective and analyze how society looks at the pregnancy and children.

In ancient times the children were seen as blessings, people who spread your seed, your blood, your name, etc. Now are seen as burdens, in fact spoken in legislation and health plans "legal charges".  Only There is talk of obligations, responsibilities, visitation and alimony. What time society stopped talking about the joy of having a child? Now everything is a technical regulation: number of hours, percentage of salaries, legal battles, custody, judges, lawyers, and civil proceedings. In a society that failed to convey love and joy to the children, obviously the abortion issue surfaced. Abortion is a kind of symptom.

At what point there was that break? I think I have the answer. It happened when inequity and inequality came to this country and many others, when schools began to take millions of incorporation fees, when hospitals began to take millions queries to treat children, when real estate companies began to charge amounts to millions have a living space for these new families.  It happened when people forgot that they should love their work, when employers began to pay miserable wages, when it began the abuse of workers forcing them to stay more hours than they corresponded, when workers are forced to work holidays.

What happens today when a teenager gets pregnant? What kind of government support they receive? Where is humanity to those mothers who choose to give up for adoption instead of abortion? How critical is judged and adolescents and how little we educate?

What alternatives are given to women today not to abort? Do they have some sort of scholarship to have more opportunities to finish school and to apply to universities or simply left to their fate? Does the church has taken a position penalty or cozy?

It seems that society makes life harder for people who have children. Instead of the government to protect women by giving them some sort of subsidy or give them scholarships to finish their studies, they were "punished" leaving people to their fate. The motto seems to be that they fend for themselves.

I think we should go back and review what we did wrong because clearly we have many signs that we are sick, but not a medical illness, but a most terrible disease. Inequality, lack of compassion, lack of humanity and have lost the ability to rejoice with the arrival of a child.

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